Kululeka Transport has entered into business with African Dynamics late in 2012 and so far our experience with the company has been one of a kind.

Contract Manufacturing

Since 1995 we have developed various food stuff recipes for clients and subsequently manufactured, packed and distributed their products to the destinations of their choice. We so not have any product brands of our own. We are a contract packer and contract manufacturer.

This means we make a difference for the national brand owner or retailer who owns a private label, house brand or white label and who wants a recipe customized and manufactured or packed. This is our speciality. We manufacture more than 12,000 metric tonnes per annum for various clients. We even manufacture and then export for our clients.

Our main capability is dry blending, but we have made a plan for certain clients on other types of manufacturing.

We pride ourselves that we grow with the client. So, if it happens that we do not have spare capacity for a client we will acquire more capacity especially for that client – subject to ‘numbers’ making sense of course.

The recipes we develop and manufacture for clients range from cereals and porridges, condiments, baking aids, desserts, neutracuticals, instant drinks, creamers and milk powders.


Feeding Scheme Services

They are aimed at providing meals for those who cannot afford food.