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Tony Ferguson


Every Tony Ferguson Shake is nutritionally balanced to help keep you healthy and nutritionally satisfied and are consumed once or twice a day.



Tony Ferguson soups are the hearty, savoury option and may be consumed instead of Tony Ferguson shakes. Quick and easy to prepare on their own, or combined with chopped vegetables for a chunky and satisfying meal.



Amaro Foods

Situated in Epping, Cape Town, Tony’s Bakery, now known as Amaro Foods, produces 98% of its baked goods for the Western Cape stores of primary client Woolworths.

Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins

Made with a blend of wheat free and gluten free flour, and chocolate chunks

Gluten Free Brown Rolls

Made with a blend wheat free and gluten free flour.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Dense and decadently chocolaty

Description: Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies 4Pk

Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

Made with butter and packed with chocolate chunks

Gluten Free Banana Muffins

Made with fresh banana.

Gluten Free Carrots Cake Slices

Made with a blend of wheat free and gluten free flours.

Gluten Free Seeded Bread 450g

Made with a blend of seeds, wheat free and gluten free flour.

Gluten Free White Bread 450g

Made with a blend of wheat free and gluten free flour.

Gluten Free Seeded Rolls 450g

2 Seeded rolls. Made with a blend of seeds, wheat free and gluten free flour

Premier Foods

Snowflake double acting BAKING POWDER in a 200g classic tin, is an attractive and fuss free addition to your pantry. Foil refill pouches are also available.
Description: Snowflake Baking PowderDescription: Snowflake Baking Powder
Snowflake CORNFLOUR in a hassle free re-sealable 500g tub, means no more messing and fiddling with paper or cardboard packaging.
Description: Snowflake Corn FlourDescription: Snowflake Corn Flour
Snowflake tartrazine free vanilla flavoured CUSTARD POWDER in a pantry practical 500g tub is the perfect complement to Snowflake’s hot puddings.
Description: Snowflake Custard PowderDescription: Snowflake Custard Powder

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

SOYA LIFE- South Africa’s favourite soy porridge and health drink - Soya Life combines nature and technology to create a product that meets the nutritional requirements people seeking optimal mental and physical health.

The Soya Life range of products include the 'Soya Life Drink' and 'Soya Life Porridge', two great tasting,highly nutritious products that offer balanced macro-(protein, fats and carbohydrate) and micro- nutrition (vitamins and minerals). High soy protein products of this nature play a significant role in decrease in the risk of heart disease, faster muscle recovery (performance nutrition), increased bone density, and may well play a preventative role in breast, prostate and thyroid cancers. The products also help in stabilising sugar levels (diabetic control), and may well play a role in wound recuperation (post-operative especially).

Soya Life Benefits


Global Wellness Products


High nutritional paste containing natural carbohydrates and fats

Ultimate Sports Nutrition

Oats & Whey
Great tasting, high protein, nutrient dense breakfast

A nutritious sports breakfast to energize and help maintain an active, lean physique

Product Overview
USN OATS & WHEY is an enriched instant breakfast with a pre-cooked oats base. It has a high protein content (24g per serving), and has been fortified with sensible quantities of the most important vitamins we require on a daily basis. It also has a high fibre content. The fibre content, together with the high protein level used in this product, all promote craving control throughout the hours after intake.






Hero Porridge


Nhlayisa Nutrition Solutions

Nhlayisa’s signature product is Power Supply. It is soy, sorghum and maize based food that is eaten with water or milk. It contains a highly progressive vitamin and mineral regime that takes into account the present deficiencies in the diet and the requirements for optimal health and mental vitality. Nhlayisa engaged in extensive research with local and international nutritionists to produce the best mix of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Power Supply is the only product on the market that offers an enormous nutrient load. An affordable, great-tasting instant porridge filled with vital nutrients with flavour..

Power Porridge is a delicious power packed meal that the whole family can enjoy. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to boost your system and keep your mind and body healthy and strong.

Basillia Foods

Instant MAGEU Banana Flavour (230g packs)
Instant MAGEU - Banana Flavour  (MINIMUM ORDER = 50 Packets) (Maize Drink) - 230g

Our first product is on the market: Quick Mix MAGEU powder. 230g powder (packet) makes 2 litres of Mageu. Packet with vitamins!


Heartland Foods

is more than just a cereal company, we believe that it is our responsibility to help develop our communities and make a difference to those around us, that is why, when you buy any Heartland Vitality Life product, Heartland will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every pack of Vitality Life to JAM which amongst other projects, feeds over 700 000 undernourished children every school day.

Vitality Life


Gluco-Less Energy Meal is a great tasting scientifically formulated Low G.I. cold cereal which can also be enjoyed as a shake.

The cereal mixes well and tastes great with water and delicious when mixed with milk.

The main ingredients are Pre-cooked Maize and Soy.

Our cereal contains no added sugar, but remains sweet tasting whilst having no artificial sweeteners.


NHEP distributes products that increase productivity through nutritional improvements.  In conjunction with African Dynamics NHEP has developed a complete meal solution for labour intensive farm employees.

Immune Boost: 
Instant Morning Vita-Porridge. Added Prebiotics.

Energy Boost: 
Mid-Day Energy Drink.  High in protein, probiotics, prebiotics.  Mix with or water.  Instant.

Protein Boost: 
High Protein Evening Meal.  Soya mince chunks.

Nutri Boost:
High energy and highly fortified peanut butter paste. 

B-imune Energy Drink:


One Life Health Supermarket

Immunomeal 18 & 12 FP – 3.5kg
Immuno-meal porridge presents an affordable, nutritious and healthy meal that includes Prebiotics and a special mix of vitamins and minerals, which improve the body’s immune status, so limiting the risks of opportunistic diseases.

Immunomeal 18 & 12 FP – 1kg
Immuno-meal porridge presents an affordable, nutritious and healthy meal that includes Prebiotics and a special mix of vitamins and minerals, which improve the body’s immune status, so limiting the risks of opportunistic diseases.

Fresenius Kabi


30% fat coffee creamer to be used in coffee or tea.


Bestmix:Economical milk substitute.  Various formulations varying in protein and fat content.


The ONEY brand is a confined label for Western Gruppe based in the Eastern Cape.  The group has in excess of 13 Spar stores in the Border Transkei area.  The ONEY brand offers a value for money quality product that is tailor made to suit the needs of the Eastern Cape.

ONEY Creamer:
Affordable 24% coffee creamer for tea and coffee.

ONEY Jelly:
Affordable, great flavour jelly available in 5 flavours.  Creamsoda, Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange and Blueberry.

ONEY Soya Mince:
High protein soya mince that has great flavour and meaty taste.  Available in:

Bionic Solutions:

Instant Mageu Premium:

Fridge Foods Group


The company has three distribution centers: East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. FFG distributes one of the widest and most diverse ranges of foodstuffs in the industry. The company caters for both food service and retail customers. Products range from frozen to chilled to grocery items. Over the years FFG has built trading relations with most of the biggest food manufacturers and importers in the region. These trading relationships allow us to provide our customer base with the best possible products, pricing and service.

The company also has four retail outlets in the Eastern Cape, located in East London and Port Elizabeth, servicing the public and small caterers. These outlets have become synonymous with value for money purchases over a wide range of foodstuffs.

The company has also successfully dealt with many of the largest food service and retail organisations. Our commitment to customer service has allowed us to retain existing business plus further expand our customer base year-on-year. Our service standards do not only extend to these large customers, with our experienced sales, warehouse and admin teams operating to deliver the best possible service reliably to all of our customers. The company has made major infrastructure and IT investments over the last few years to ensure that we can continue to deliver this service for many years to come.

The company is well positioned with established trading relationships, quality personnel and a sound infrastructure, to further strengthen its market share in food distribution and retail within Southern Africa.

African Dynamics manufactures/packs the following catering products for Fridge Foods Group:


Icing Sugar

Castor Sugar

Gravy Powder

Jelly Powder

Corn Starch
Custard Powder




32 GI